Jonah Wright 

Hi, my name is Jonah Wright and I am a mortgage consultant with Mortgage Intelligence in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My finance career began at S.T.F.X. University, where I developed a strong knowledge base in various relevant fields, including personal finance, investment management, and economics.

Since university, I have worked in the investment industry for one year before settling with MI. I am proud to be a part of the professional team of mortgage consultants here in Halifax, who is dedicated to providing excellent service. With access to over 45 different competing lenders we can help clients achieve their financial goals.

Whether you’re purchasing, refinancing, or just thinking about a future home, I can help.

We are focused on finding clients the lowest rates, and the best products the market can offer. Give us a call today for a friendly, free service.

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About Mortgage Intelligence

We believe that every customer deserves the best care and service when purchasing or refinancing the home of their dreams.  We're here to serve your mortgage needs and have what it takes to make a difference in your next mortgage transaction.

With access to over 50 of Canada's Top Lending institutions, we can place all types of mortgages including purchases, refinances, equity takeouts, debt consolidations, renewals and mortgages for self employed. Call us today and get a free quote and overview of current market conditions affecting the mortgage market!

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